Campaign Communications Plan

A key aim of Scotland's Drowning Prevention Strategy is to "Promote public awareness of water-related risks and ensure a consistent message across campaigns and communications".

Water Safety Scotland is committed to working together and sharing members campaigns and information. A key activity within the Strategy is for a Campaign Communications Plan to be created in order to make it easier to have a consistent approach to sharing information.

The Campaign Communications Plan can be found below and links to the tabs on the left. The plan is a work in progress and will adapt and change as members release new campaigns.



Events Calendar 2021



February 9

Main Water Safety Scotland Meeting



20 April

NFCC Water Safety Webinar

26 April 

NFCC #BeWaterAware campaign



June 1

Main Water Safety Scotland meeting

June 7 - 13

Child Safety Week - CAPT

June 12-19

Drowning Prevention Week – RLSS UK





October 5

Main Water Safety Scotland meeting